Madchild Dungeon Dragon Lyrics

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Yeah I'm excited man, clarity in my life dog

[Verse 1]
My charge is federal, verses come in edible bulk
I'm unforgettable, yep little Incredible Hulk
Think you on fire? I'm a fire hydrant,
Small tyrant but stand like a tall giant so vibrant
Trust me I'm a Hi-Fi Sci-Fi project
But I'm a white boy so I drive by projects
I'm a king call me Maharabi
But I'm a Kamikaze in a trench coat sitting in your lobby
You can catch me in the toque playing a little hockey,
But I sold all of my rings no more Liberace
Who needs diamonds, open up my mouth and I shine when
I rhyme and get paid for assignments
I used to be so off alignment in an awful climate
But now I'm back on the grid like a waffle iron
Put me in the Fantastic Four I'll be the Human Torch
Nah I'm the Silver Surfer hes a stupid dork
Like Mork from Ork in his rainbow suspenders,
Battle anybody shit there ain't no contenders
Swollen Members that's a name to remember
Best out this summer be the same in December
I'm the misguided angel I'm insane with revenge
Kill you kill your DJ and the same for ya friends
Revenge like the Punisher take out ya family
Call me "2-12" I will take out humanity
Better start panicking its gonna be anarchy
I'm back shit I got this covered like a canopy

[Hook x2]
RAH RAH like a Dungeon Dragon
Mad Child kill a couple hundred faggots
You don't wanna become my baggage
Warlock stirring up a cauldron magic

[Verse 2]
Rapper with the repetition of a strobe light special mission wishing separate vision I am so bright
Snow white but I ain't got seven dwarfs
A little devil Im just trying to get through heavens doors
Drugs are bad they lure you with no control
And leave you empty like a whore with a broken soul
My minds dangerous I'm on remote control
I pull your heart out of your chest and leave an open hole
I quit drugs now I'm perfectly in tune
I'm the Silver Surfer I am surfing through your room
Yea perfectly in tune while I circulate the moonboon
I go to bed at six and I percolate at noon
And everything is work related proliferated doom
Rappers think they're Hercules regurgitating goons
Crazy clown face dance like its Halloween
While baby rocky knock you out like Apollo Creed (RAH RAH)
Real life war monger, I killed brain cells came back more stronger
Mad Child old school newcomer
I lost 4 winters and blew through summers
A Mercenary with a scary lack of mercy
But it's remarkable I land with total accuracy

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
I'm older than the phone on the wall in your grandmas kitchen
I still roll down windows and say "bitchin'"
I do not get paid for a week of missing
Mad Child bout as old as Colecovision
I reek of wisdom you can hear it though your speaker system
Battle Axe all my freaks are listening
Help me I'm really freaking I don't see an out
I'm the sickest rapper and got diarrhea of the mouth
A lot of rappers talk what they don't be about
It leaves a lot of them out there including me in doubt
EH, you see my mouth? It's full with rotten teeth
I don't care how rich you are bitch talk is cheap
Unless you get a verse from me
I'm smarter than an 8 year term in university
Try not to take it personally
I do this perfectly I got a buzz like a worker bee

RAH RAH (hows that for an ending)
RAH RAH like a Dungeon Dragon
RAH RAH like a Dungeon Dragon
(B-A-X-W-A-R Battle Axe Warriors)
RAH RAH like a Dungeon Dragon
(I'm holding it down here in the fort with my dogs Jekyll and my dog Lola)

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