UnderThreat Echo Shaped Life Lyrics

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Words written through the centuries
Inspired by primitive perceptions
Scrambled by the tongues of generations
And spoken through the voices of perversion
Observations from the early existence
Forever disfigured by convenience time and distance
Ideas conceived into ancestral context
Twisted into undisputable contradictory concepts

The words are being p***ounced
Manipulation is being announced
The message from the maker, favorite invention
Opium for the crowds
Following the reflection
Of distorted sounds of domination
Filling the emptiness inside
By living that echo shaped life

Impregnating and dividing
Hearts and minds of civilizations
Justified atrocity and control
Disguised in love and salvation
Spreading every time louder
This infamous transfigurations
To generate more echoes
All over the nations
Deathmosphere Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Deathmosphere (intro)
  • 2 Deathmosphere
  • 3 Kingdom of Eternal Crisis
  • 4 Parallel Hells
  • 5 Echo Shaped Life
  • 6 Black Inertia Disintegration
  • 7 Embraced by Disaster
  • 8 Prisoners of Their Own Betrayel
  • 9 Read the Codes
  • 10 Restrained Hate Coexistence
  • 11 Third World Blood
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