sHEAVY Electric Sleep Lyrics

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Plastic minds got no soul
Man made stars in the sky will they find me
Faceless world dips so low
Oh No...

Android faces confined to a blank screen
Mankind stands in their way
Sleepless dreams fill my days can they save me
Mindless robots we'll slave
Lost in the electric Sleep...

Look at the lights and tell me what you're gonna find
Nothing but the circuits behind
Looks in the lights and tell me where should I begin
Where's the part that makes it all spin?

Look at her eyes and tell me what you're gonna find
See the sould that proves you're not blind
Look in her eyes and show me the timelessness of love
Sleeping in the darkness above

Cyberspace is no place for the real world
Plastic minds got no soul
Electric hearts beat in time on the last day
They can't see any way

The Electric Sleep Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Virtual Machine
  • 2 Velvet
  • 3 Destiny's Rainbow
  • 4 Electric Sleep
  • 5 Born in a Daze
  • 6 Automation
  • 7 Savannah... Flights of Ecstasy
  • 8 Saving Me From Myself
  • 9 Oracle
  • 10 Stardust

  • Written by: Dan Moore, Keith Foley, Ren Squires, Steve Hennessey
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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