Circle Takes the Square Eleven Owls Have Eyes Lyrics

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Surface, through the circuits, breaker breaker
Someone's calling but there's no one on the line
Positive, negative, negative, breaker breaker
These wires are live, these wires are
Merging with the circuits, breaker, breaker
Broken fuses spark, lighting, illuminating their blacked out eyes

Fading out
Fading out
Father, son and holy ghost
You can't find us in the dark
You can't save us when wires are cut
Houses haunted hurt the most
Vulnerability is created and defined by the night
Fall is getting closer
Ruled by the moon
Now that we're hiding in the darkness holding hands
Now as we pray, as we pray
Lead the way
Don't leave me bound here in desire
Lead the way. Forever is too long to wait

Time keeps on pulling the seconds away
Preaching abandonment, intentions remain
To embrace the sweet impossible

Time succumbs to the rhythm of a slowly fading pulse
Lights from flashlights flash on breakers
Loose connections connected tight
Symmetry described by the minds intent
Eleven birds of prey take flight
Asymmetrical equations
Borne to lack diurnal sight
Brown eyes begging her consent
White old woman of the night:

Right behind the lightning staring past the rain
Running down the red clay
Time succumbs to the rhythm of a slowly fading pulse...

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