Earth Flight Elliot Lyrics

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There is sand in me
A rusty and an old cage
There is a spider just inside my little have...
She is my only friend
Throughout the years standing down by the shore
Hopefully waiting there from dusk till dawn
You're standing outside while I am waiting here
I am drifting inside and you are waiting there
Father, wind please be my guide
Don't torture me please be my guide
Since I am travelling through night and day
I am flied to be all alone
Blue Hour Confessions Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 By the Light of the Moon
  • 2 Noonday Demon
  • 3 Restless
  • 4 Deadheads - A Love Song?
  • 5 The Day That Was the Day
  • 6 Carnivale
  • 7 Tideland
  • 8 Other Side of the Rings
  • 9 Elliot
  • 10 The Organ
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