Unbirth Embrace the Permeation of Plague Lyrics

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Four billions of wasted bodies. Too much breathing around him, unaware. Repulsion carburizes his womb of hate. Despising the leading anthropocentrism, just methods of containment permeated by subliminal choices. He is guided by the light of nature,not bare misanthropic l***. A serious conceivement of human repression. To save the created do not overpopulate. Pouring madness in his purest form. In the goblet of science. What a shiny future needs are dreams of epidemic apocalypse. Let them walk, let them breed. The days of reckoning arrived. The plague. Where organized extermination has failed the great ancestry of saviours will succeed. There i felt a great wind of domination. Flourishing between strives for hegemony. Pervade the holy establishment, nurturing strives for hegemony. Common graves are waiting. Once I have embraced the plague I shall be their end.

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