Cass McCombs Empty Promises Lyrics

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Like any force of nature you can be in control
The spirit disappears before you grab a hold
Say it again, I like the sound of that
Whispers nothing, is another... like
Sweet humming, tell me where you stand!
Empty promised to you from..

Like any force of nature you can't be the ...
How much spirit is in the streets of life?
Over 500 years since the...
We still can't find a decent place to hide!
Play the song on through broken strings
Empty promises of open face!

Like any force of nature you are dangerous
But more than enough lose its spirit thus
Smile at another generation
Suddenly is destroyed, oh yes nation!
Our cause not sever enough
For empty to us
The sun is shun.. over plane
Take it.. that's OK,
Aha empty promises!
Aha promises!
Aha! Aha! Aha!
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