Vakill End of Days Lyrics

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My rap defy injury
I set the standard of nice so high
Once I'm in heaven, 143,000 gettin denied entry
Canopy candidly, Vakill single handedly amputated hip hop from humanity
Til every emcees a stan fan of me
Let the world catch sleep and it's curtains for the canopy
Everytime light bulbs pop over my head
The roaches running across the dark walls of my sanity so
You stuck with two options
You can swallow your pride and hand me dap or watch your family clap
Competitions like parking spots, good one's hard to find
Everything else is handicapped homey
He vice versa, I'm a nice verser
They only good for one nice line in every verse they invent
Lava ran through my saliva glands
With the sole purpose of turning every hood to ash like the first day of lent
The earth comatose last time the king viewed it
Bring units when mandible sling fluid
Y'all can't be serious
Vakill's like columbians sittin in a circle
My name has a dope ring to it
My range one step toward tomorrow
A new world order model of flowers
Spit harder than a boxer with piss in his water bottle
The second coming with a sperm count so high
Girls gotta chew before they swallow

Hook 2x
The end of the beginning is kill
Dominion is mine, the world don't stop spinning until
Who should oppose, I'm bendin' his will
Put ten in his grill, it's not a game, the ending is real

Tell emcees I should have been blazed by now
Talkin' that front page murder
You couldn't make headlines with raised eyebrows
'Traditional hip hop is beatin' a dead horse'
One mark posted on the internet
Check your bed for his head when I send a threat
Cause hell hath no fury strict as mine
Got disillusioned statements a hypocrisy of the sickest kind
It's like, sign makers on strike
While holdin' them shits up in picket lines
Not everything that's abstract is comin' from out the woodwork of skill
Or the circus skill
The underground circuits a circus field with bodies I'mma leave hangin from trees
Like blair witch stick figures in Burkettsville
I'm above niggas with divinity, I spit the trinity
So you up against trio odds and losin' ain't in god or Miss Cleo cards
The sickest emcees is beneath me
Snappin' under my nuts like leotards
I'm vy hyphen violentist, pantomime and a violinist
With straight razors at your trachea
Half postal worker, half terrorist anthrax biochemist
I'm the sickest pushin the envelope please
Born nice, I'm Dionysus, dyin' nicest like
I keep a hand full of ass and a wine cooler
Most quotable line ruler in a class by myself
Like a bitched up tutor hidin from Columbine shooters
Hook 4x

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