Damien Thorne End of the Game Lyrics

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I can't take anymore of you - Get out of my head
Got nothing left for you - and now I'm seeing red
And I taste your demise - like a cold dish revenge
I'm sick of all your lies - evil thoughts you send
Telling me this and showing me that, Like a moth to the flame
But no more trickery
It's the end of the game Now
Believed every word you said - Like a Fool I took the bait
Now eat every word you said - and feel it aggravate
I count every time you sicken me - and realize
You're not even capable of telling me - Anything but lies
And you're spinning your webs and telling your lies
You're thinking that I'm nothing without you
I'm breaking you off, I'm cutting you off
You're gonna see it's time to face the truth
It's the end of the game - end of the game
It's the end of the game - end of the game

End of the Game Track Listing
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  • 2 Face Reality
  • 3 Me Against the World
  • 4 Fire
  • 5 You’ll Come Around
  • 6 Indulgence
  • 7 Tarantula
  • 8 Fistful of Regret
  • 9 End of the Game
  • 10 Not Without a Fight
  • 11 Psychosis
  • 12 Curtain Call
  • 13 Traume
  • 14 Escape or Die 2012
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