Ice Ages Enemy Inside Lyrics

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It's growing inside you
It's taking you beyond your world
Your world abandoned ever since your birth

It's bringing you nightmares,
it's calling your last hour;
your wish to stop this neverending curse

It's killing all your senses
It seals all doors that lead out
away from darkened cold and empty cells

Forsaken and forgotten
Forbidden, formless, lifeless
you're doomed to stay alone within this jail

This wish to go
This l___ to leave
And never to be
And never to believe it

The pain you have
Inside your mind
Will poison your soul
Will carve deep scars within your heart

Your empty days
Eternal sin
Forever disgraced
Forever compromising

Immortal soul
Your endless road
A torment so cruel
You'll never feel alive

Your peace is so fragile
It's fractured into pieces
A universe that crumbles into dust

The enemy within
That daily drains your brain.
Your only wish, your curse, your only l___

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