Mac Lethal Epilogue Lyrics

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Trapped in a raving colored August summer evening, exchange the first kiss, gums are blistered, young and teething, needing stratus' that left you crushed and grieving to be friendship held, we'd cuddle on the couch and intertwine our kitten tails, pail like cicada shells, stuck to elm trunks puncturing my eyes that swelled shut from the way you smelled, blowing my nose with images of him, the life lines from his hands imprinted in your skin, and I was calmly interwoven in your silky spiderweb holding a bottle of emotions, choking, magnolia's growing from my open gashes, pin the pieces of my heart to my sleeve, broke the fragments, the broken glass was swept away by the ocean splash, we wrote and passed each other suicide notes in class, such a deafening pulse, the sound, of you, with him, cause it's the silence Beethoven heard from his own keys, the sound I never hear within the beauty that disowned me, and left me searching for a couch to sleep on, spitting at the mirrors and barest face, you hum the sound of each song, and that's the silence Beethoven only heard, the beauty of a child needing to be self a**ured, the rudest way to smile in the company of fate, this b**** is too afraid to show her face, she won't talk to me in secret, but how she talks to me in sequence describes how the foxes spent the eclipse, she told me her autonomy's a defense, astonishingly frequencies were properly distinguished from my convoluted weakness, until I started vomiting so sea sick, asphyxiated by the leash I walk with her in deep s***, I hum the moon like Sonata and she'll cheat quick, I guess it's never safe to guard your garden with a cheap fence, but don't you understand the things I would'a done for you, I followed that sound and got flipped upside down, it's like the mind's distorted, I'm keeping my direction during seasonal depression like a knight in shining torment, so understand the things I would'a done for you, I followed that sound and got beat into the ground, I'm a love sick idiot, infected, itching to breathe, you're a genius with your c*** on your sleeve, before you filled my spur wounds with your s** poison, before you turned me to an ex-boyfriend, when you could still un-stitch my skin with that stare, I prolly would'a cared, but I don't God dammit, but I hear you're so happy now, I hear you're so happy now with him, I hear you're so happy now friend, this old heart will never love again
The Original 11:11 Sessions Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Absolutely Nowhere
  • 2 Shotgun
  • 3 Hammered In
  • 4 Bloom
  • 5 Toad
  • 6 In My Dreams
  • 7 Bareknuckle Chris
  • 8 Oak Tree
  • 9 Baby Powder (w/ Joe Good)
  • 10 The Original Make-out Bandit
  • 11 The Sketchbook
  • 12 Halo
  • 13 Tummy
  • 14 Epilogue
  • 15 Vanish
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