Face of Evil Eternally Blasphemed Lyrics

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A cold wind blew through the valley of the shadow of death
It carried the sounds of wandering dead
d***ation's creatures stalk the barren domain
Postmortal abominations
Stoveling shapes, murmuring chants
Once again the graveyard's
Lying defiled, hosted by thieves
A stillborn corpse is removed from the crypt

They wield the force of the Antichrist - eternally
Creations of a vile unhuman breed
The soulless prodigies will shun the light - eternally
They're sworn to carry out their master's deed

The stillborn child is lying on the ground
His genitals consumed by a rat
Beside the child thrones a stinking pile
Of mouldly funeral remains
A zombie scream from the stillborn's throat
He's awakening and his hunger is severe
Now the feast is on, soon the pile will be gone

The overlord of the undead performs his mystical arts
Revival of the rotting dead and buried
Resurrected, putrid cadavers breathe again
Defying death and mocking life's decay
Eternally blasphemed, eternal rot
In the course of evolution
The eternal flame of desecration burns

Electrifying spasms through the necromancer's hands
The stillborn infant's placed upon the altar
In the name of the Antichrist the ritual proceeds
Vomit oozes forth through rotten teeth

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