Lacrosse Excuses, Excuses Lyrics

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the phone was set on mute - that's why I didn't take the call
I was feeling kind of homesick - so I left without saying good bye

you make up these excuses (excuses, excuses)
and hope noone will see (excuses, excuses)
that the biggest liar (excuses, excuses)
in the room is you (excuses, excuses)

no, I really like your food
it's just that I already ate
please write down the recipe
i'll cook this once a week

you keep up with your excuses - you hope noone will see
when you look into the mirror - you see a big phoney

I guess it's that you dont like me
or maybe you're just shy
maybe it's none of the above
maybe you're just a liar

but im sick of these excuses - im sick of all white lies
for once just level with me - its not that hard to say goodbye

excuses, excuses

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