Salem Execution (live) Lyrics

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In Israel
Sentence of death is not reality
We care
about what the world sayed
But look what happens
Come into the country
And murder
Every Jew the see
Children.women,men,old pepole

When they are killed
The investigations begins
Why they are killed
How they are killed
And was it right??
For them to die??
They forget one thing
They came to murder
Innocent pepole
Children,women,men,old pepole

The solution is
Sentence of death
But sentece of death
Is not reality
Terrorist and murders
Get caught and relesed again
Sentence of death
Maybe its not reality
But its the solution for the terror

When they get caught alive
There is a trial
After the trial
They go to jail
After a while
Another terrorist
Capture hostage
And wants to trade them
For the terrorists


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