Madvillain Eye (Koushik remix) Lyrics

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(Stacy Epps)
Give me a little bit, a little bit
Just a little bit, or a lot

(repeat 2X)
Pieces of the dream that I pick up in my mind
Is not blind, of our love
Everyday when I look into your brown eyes
I get high, on our love

(Stacy Epps)
I, I get high, look in your, brown eyes
I get high-iiiiiiii-iiiiiii-iiiiiigh
Higher, higher, hi-igher, -igher
-igher, -i-igher, higher, you make me higher
I fly (I fly) I fly (I fly)
I fly (I fly) up high
I fly - take me there, I fly - take me there
I fly

Koushik Remixes Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Curls (Koushik remix)
  • 3 America's Most Blunted (Doom's Verse) (Koushik remix)
  • 4 Eye (Koushik remix)
  • 5 Strange Ways (Koushik remix)
  • 6 Interlude
  • 7 Raid (Koushik remix)
  • 8 Outro
  • 9 Curls (instrumental)
  • 10 America's Most Blunted (instrumental)
  • 11 Eye (instrumental)
  • 12 Strange Ways (instrumental)
  • 13 Interlude (instrumental)
  • 14 Raid (instrumental)
  • 15 Outro (instrumental)
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