Dar Williams FM Radio Lyrics

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Hey Mr. Lifeguard up in the big chair
Turn up the radio, you're looking good, yeah.
Dancing at the snack bar, singing to each other
We know the words from the record back cover.

We got Crawdaddy, we know what's going on.
Sonny and Cher split, what took them so long?
The boys are strutting like a Foxy Lady.
So sing it loud in your hairbrush, baby.

Chorus: - It's FM Radio everywhere I go, FM radio

Call of the night

Lou Reed says he's a bisexual. Jackson Browne is an intellectual.
Stevie Wonder bought a house for his mother. DJ telling us we're sister and brother.
We are the cosmos, we are the glam kids, putting stardust on our eyelids.
Night Bird's calling for a group meditation, sending Patty Hearst a positive vibration.


It's in my pocket when I'm sledding! My cousin smoking pot before her wedding!
Talking Cold War, rocket launches. I'm talking disco with my orthodontist.
Who cranked Zeppelin? The driver ed guy! Yelled Barracuda off the high dive.
On a date with a guy from band. He played a trumpet solo, it was Brandy!
Every night I do stuff with my hair. Maybe Queen needs a clarinet player.

And the sailors say...


Hey little sister, take off your head phones. Don't try to scrutinize, it's just a dead zone.
Wake up the neighbors, tell me how you do feel. And live the fantasy that makes your life real
So if you wanna play, follow your glory, and if some guys says that's not your story

Take a lesson from the FM that I knew then. It's like a public pool, you decide where to jump in
To feel the s__iness, the passion, the fusion and the fission.
Remember Bruce Springsteen divorced a model and married a musician.


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