Damien Thorne Face Reality Lyrics

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Dim the darkness, light the madness
I'm trying to adapt
Hearing faces, seeing voices
I think I finally snapped
Deal the cards and pour the wine, the party starts at eight
You're invited to the freak show, it's better if you're late
And all your voices tick tick ticking
Picking at my brain
I'll keep it together, storm the weather
You're the one insane
I've never been so well connected, I'm even scaring me
The world is mine, I have control
It's what I'm meant to be
It's a three ring circus here, not even on the chart
We set sail for insanity, it ends before we start
And all your voices tick tick ticking, picking at my brain I'll keep it together, storm the weather, you're the one insane
What you call normal, I just see as abnormality
Call me crazy, I refuse to Face reality

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