UnderThreat Face of Emptiness Lyrics

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Deceptive form of perfection
Lies around the putrid
bouquet of success impragnated
by sceptic desires of beauty an arrogance
Slave puppets of skin an vanity for sale
in a ninety-sixty-ninety
magnetic-c***tail conversation (x2)
Waiting to justify a cosmetic existence (x2)
Articial touching confection
false commiseration
in fancy dressed
Face of indiference
wearing a suit
in a sarcastic emptiness magnification

Vulgar elegance appetites
dancing satisfied by pride
in the slow valtz of degradation
around the sofisticated icon
of unconssiousness and luxury
Behind Mankinds Disguise Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Blame Game Traps
  • 2 Face of Emptiness
  • 3 Under Threat
  • 4 Serpent's Lick
  • 5 Ghost and the Machine
  • 6 Desperate Human's Path
  • 7 Behind Mankind's Disguise
  • 8 End of Grace
  • 9 Infestation
  • 10 Gates of Deception
  • 11 Warning
  • 12 Mirrors of Dejection
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