Abhorrent Face of Terror Lyrics

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I remember my childhood
and my hometown
I remember the smiling and
naive clown's face
He was always jumping with his
colored balloons
We were so calm, we won't forget
When killing of children,
start to happen
No clues, no witness to help
Little by little, the clown's face became morbid
Seen by some children from the town
What seemed to be beauty
bring death showing
The face of terror
Do you want a balloon?
Balloons floats, everybody float
And you'll float with me all the time
I'm your worst nightmare
I'm your worst made dream
I'm everything that you have scared
I'll teach you to float because
everyone here floats
and you will learn to like
Release yourself now you're afraid
Because I'm the world eater
You've got a nice taste when
You're scared
I can feel the taste of your soul,
now I'm eternal
What I'm doing and what I'm saying
Just the beginning ‘cause
I'm going insane
And then I'll kill
don't doubt my words
The execution time is coming,

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