Maddy Prior Face to Face Lyrics

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I tried to call you on the telephone
The ringing tone tells me you're not home
I won't be happy til we're all alone
And we are
I wrote a letter but there's no reply
I'm feeling grieved that you didn't try
I wasn't even worth the reason why
You won't come face to face

I can't lie to you
Face to face
There is only the truth
Face to face
With nothing in between
I mean face to face

You with your lawyers and I with mine
You know we're wasting money and we're wasting time
You didn't have to write just to give me a sign
That you won't come face to face


Face to face and heart to heart
Honesty at the start
Now there's no more pretending
Always choosing easy endings
You're the baddy and I'm the good
You didn't treat me the way that you should
Rejected now and misunderstood
And you won't come
Face to face


Promise I won't shout and scream
Promise I won't cause a scene
When we come
Face to face
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