Hamartia Fading aura Lyrics

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Look into my eyes and see a hell this world has never seen. Pray for my sake so I can live another day without losing my balance. For so long I have shut these eyes, and took the blame for sins I didn't commit. I took these blows you gave and like a dying martyr I face the consequence like a bullet, flashing into my eyes. I fell and it broke my knees. I cried but no one heard. It's not my choice to be this way. You have created a monster to feed on emotion. I am more than dead, I am gonna explode. I can't take this burden any more. I am gonna destroy everything you made. I am gonna destroy everything you ever hoped for. In one blink of any eye every ambition dies

To play the part Track Listing
  • 1 Marrow
  • 2 Reversal
  • 3 So hard to find
  • 4 Fading aura
  • 5 Banshee
  • 6 Morning glory
  • 7 Sonata of sirens
  • 8 Neveah
  • 9 In the arms of
  • 10 Seconds
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