Limp Far Away Lyrics

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Not deserving of this you are there and I am nowhere near the feeling I =
Thought would go away has grown and is far past to late and all I think =
About now is that you are there and I am nowhere near consolation I =
Won't take it well nothin' else and no one qualifies consolation I won't =
Take it well cause you are there and I am nowhere near here it is it's =
Waiting for us I sit alone and watch it go I want it back so bad right =
Now just one more time and then I let it go take me back I want to go I =
Want to see your face again I want to die inside again just one more =
Time and then I let it go and so it ends on promises a bitter taste is =
In my mouth and all I think about now is that someone near is finding =
What I want but I'm still here and you are nowhere near
Submitted by: Mel
Pop & Disorderly Track Listing
Vinyl 1
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  • 12 Weirdo
  • 13 Holiday Road

  • Written by: Klaus Meine, Michael Schenker, Rudolf Schenker

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