Jackpot Far Far Far Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
I feel like I've been in a bubble
A bubble of some kind
Rolling around inside of it
Peering through the soapy shine

Somebody bring me a hatchet
So I can break on free
And build myself a fortress
Out of mahogany

And we will run
Far far far
Under the sky
We will run

[Verse 2]
Pull the chain on the ceiling fan
Get sucked up the chimney
Yeah we're flying out over the apartments
You can smell something cooking

From the ditch love crawls
Looking so bipedal
In her right hand she holds the hatchet
In her left hand she holds the soap

And we will run
Far far far
Under the sky
We will run

It's been a long time coming
There's no the cracks in the plan
Fine tuned machinery
And you're scratching your monkey gland

Yeah the seeds have been planted
Everything's in sync
Every park has a swingset
Every swing has a chain
Every chain has a few links
And every link can break

But we will run
Far far far
Down the tunnel
The aqueduct
Through the sky
Below the sea
You and me
We will run

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