Galderia Farspace Lyrics

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Explanation :
Somewhere, in the immensity of Creation, the eternal realm of unity awaits.
One day, when Men hear the universal call from the inside of their soul, this realm will be revealed.
Lies will be thrashed by truth.
And what is inconsciousness will become consciousness for there's nothing that
is out there that is not illusion.
Truth is inside and so is the path to the universal realm.
Alone in the far s***e, I drift in a s***eship
Escaped from the madness to save my old dream
Far in the distance I search for your trace
Here in the silence will you reveal your face?
I dive into the far s***e
Alone in the far s***e
I search a distant trace of a place far beyond!!!

Aeons through the stars, guided by my own heart
Galderia is calling all the universal dreams
A celestial harmony, land of universal unity
Here no place for slavery, it's the place where I would be!

One day, the world will learn, and so, I will return
When the children of the earth will understand that all we are one,
That all we are the children of the universe!!

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