George Gershwin Fascinatin' Rhythm Lyrics

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Got a little rhythm, a rhythm, a rhythm
That pit-a-pats through my brain;
So darn persistent,
The day isn't distant

When it'll drive me insane.
Comes in the morning
Without any warning,
And hangs around me all day.

I'll have to sneak up to it
Someday, and speak up to it.
I hope it listens when I say:

Fascinating rhythm,
You've got me on the go!
Fascinating rhythm,
I'm all a-quiver.

When a mess you're making!
The neighbours want to know
Why I'm always shaking
Just like a flivver.

Each morning I get up with the sun
Start a-hopping,
Never stopping
To find at night no work has been done.

I know that
Once it didn't matter
But now you're doing wrong;
When you start to patter

I'm so unhappy.
Won't you take a day off?
Decide to run along
Somewhere far away off

And make it snappy!
Oh, how I long to be the man I used to be!
Fascinating rhythm,
Oh won't you stop picking on me?
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