Ian McNabb Fast Approaching Land Lyrics

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If your heart is breaking
And you’ve lost the love that you were making
Fear not for some others understand

If your self-belief has faded
Worst of all, you’ve become jaded
Look up now, we’re fast approaching land

Hey I’m not your lookout
But I tell you there is no doubt
That those troubling water’s stirring in your soul

One again we’ll become gentle
For these seas are temperamental
In searching journey, always take some trouble

If your dreams are broken
And the demon you’ve awoken
Speaks much loader than the voice that you can stand

If your sense of wonder
Has been banished by the thunder
Look out yonder, we’re fast approaching land

Where I stand I see the distance
Shrinking, there’ll be no resistance
Soon we will be where you plan to be

And all these days of deep confusion
Fade just like a cheap illusion
When you enter harbor from the sea

(Chorus x2)
Fast approaching land
Fast approaching land
Fast approaching land

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