Madrugada Fast Blues for Little V. Lyrics

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a little v is whistling on each tune
she's cuffed in in the darkness of your room
she left your manhood leaning on a broom
now you're over in the land wide
and you're brused and you're leaning on your fast blues

a little v has got a careless lover
but she does not care to know if you're thinking of her
when she enters then you seem so fit and sober
oh there's when you care to put yourself to some you
you leaves your blinking on your fast blues

a little v is nowhere to be found
oh you looked for her but she is not around
you listen with one ear to the ground
oh you've been pigeoned for the indian to see it but he has no news
he only knows the chords for fast blues

a little v is calling on the phone
but she does not want you now that you're alone
oh talking in a dry and broken tone
oh it's a tiny little insult to your drunken grone
and your slow shoes that turn this all to your fast blues
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