Macho Man Randy Savage Feel the Madness Lyrics

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Can ya feel it nuthin' can save ya
Macho Man Randy Savage 'bout to pull a caper
Everybody knows I'm droppin' right on time
And I'm hittin' ya in the head with the beats and the rhymes
I got ya heads bobbin' hard with ya hands in the air
All the ladies in the front shake ya derierre
They stop and stare as I display my greatness
All my enemies and foes they'll be sure to hate this
I'm comin' at ya fools on a whole different level
Buryin' ya hataz so go get the shovel
When they ask who's the BigWolf you know who's the baddest
Put ya hands up come on Feel The Madness
Feel The Madness (everybody lose control)
Feel The Madness (come along and let's explode)
Feel The Madness (come along, come along)
Feel The Madness Feel The Madness
It's crazy in the place and it's gettin' heated
The crowd goes wild not a soul is seated
Ya didn't come to have fun you need to beat it
What I brought to the game can't be repeated
I came with a style that's revolutionary
Ice grill no smile dude it's kinda scary
Critics and the hataz y'all are so pathetic
I'll pound ya to the ground and be unapologetic
But back to the subject at hand keep movin'
People love Macho Man it's been proven
Appreciate all of the fans of Randy Savage
So let me see your hands come on Feel The Madness
New York to L.A., feel the madness
Chi town to Motown, feel the madness
Miami, D.C., feel the madness
Tampa to Philly, feel the madness
Houston to Jersey, feel the madness
East coast to west coast, feel the madness
Midwest, dirty south, feel the madness
Everybody worldwide, feel the madness

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