E-Craft Final Cutoff Lyrics

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I lost the fight for living,
I miss acknowledgment,
Defeat is racing towards me,
I hate its rotten scent.

I reach my destination
Obsessive go forward,
Last time I'm looking back,
Good bye to life's resort.

Forget hope for redemption
I despised helpin' hands,
Instead of that I lived my life
And drove it to dead end,

This life, it ain't worth living
It's better now to stop.
And while I fade to shadows
DOS_UNIT Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Fahrenheit
  • 2 Embryonic
  • 3 Puppet Nation
  • 4 Scan Error
  • 5 Kill the Fakes
  • 6 DOS_UNIT
  • 7 Cybernetic Intelligence
  • 8 Final Cutoff
  • 9 Civilization
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