Icebird Find Yourself Lyrics

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All I ever want is
A touch of everything
Pretty little lady named Daisy
Big ol plantations of grey seeds
Once every thousand years, or so
Your'e gonna find yourself a star
Or find you a start to orbit
You'll never look very far
Stay exactly who you are (x2)
Over my harbours breeze
Down by that whistling street
Me and susie lay under the willow tree
My daddy said there'd be days like these
Stay exactly who you are(x4)

The Abandoned Lullaby Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Charmed Life
  • 2 Just Love Me
  • 3 Going and Going. And Going
  • 4 King Tut
  • 5 Wander
  • 6 The Return of Tronson
  • 7 Spirit Ache
  • 8 I'm Green
  • 9 Gun for Hire
  • 10 In Exile
  • 11 Please, Don't
  • 12 Find Yourself
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