Sage Francis Flashback 96 Lyrics

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No tricks
No tricks

It's just a flashback-

Now I can't even think back
When I reminisce on my own past I cringe
It gets under my skin like a syringe.
I binge on food for thought.
Avoiding memory lane on my way home
Get lost and have to look for a pay phone
It's so strange
I've got no change
I could have sworn I did when I left
My breath gets heavy with every theft
Y'all didn't round my childhood [?]
If I could have smiled I would
Try to keep them to a minimum
But one got cracked while I was killing 'em
Back to the present here and now in modern times
When Satan's got me signing dotted lines
I pick up the phone and call
People in my own hometown collect
And tell them things change, but they just won't accept
That's no surprise; it's so ironic me having to ask them for directions
But I just got dead air, cut lines and bad connections
People who would help
Change their number to unlisted
411 info left me unassisted
Wickedly twisted happenings
Is it coincidence?
I choose to think so.
Deep in thought my eyes blink slow
Pictures appear like slideshows
Cause my mind knows
Each and every minute detail
Total recall is leaving me pale
Sick to my stomach
Forces of nature bring my homing instinct
It stinks
It's so distinct.
Now let me think a minute.
Huh, this is the much traveled trail from my past
No one unbeaten path
And funny memories are now making me laugh

Just a flash back kid, it's just a flashback
I'm getting laughed at mental attack, mental attack

I should design forts
To pro-tect my mind
From these time warps
'Cause I'm off course
Begin to rethink my final thoughts
My personal creations face conflict
You're slipping
By following my footsteps
Cause I'm slick
Now I stand alone in this ghost town
My clothes make the most sound
Upside down smiles
Grin while folks frown
I feel my Sacred
Heart get filled with hatred
Ancient rituals of a teary eyed child
with nothing fake kid
the flash backs of my past acts
Are numerous
Inside the uterus
Other kinds haven't been so humorous

My laugh lines are faked for the last time
I'm past my prime
Climaxing again is a task of mine
I'm homeward bound; break out the map and atlas
I ask gas station attendants kid and they act pissed
I'm black listed
For not staying true to white lies
I fight guys in darkness
Heartless until the night dies.
And Then I shed some light on what's the matter
Reflections in the looking glass self scatter
When the hard stairs made it shatter
7 years back luck?
That ain't nothing new !
I'm searching for something true
But most my friends are fronting too.
What's up with you?
Only once you catch amnesia
Same old procedure
Valuable times lost at leisure
Plus I broke my compass
The needle always points backwards
There's no communications
Whack herbs
That cost me black words
Facial expressions in sign language
Cause your mind your mind anguish
Misinterpretations are dangerous
No one knows who the stranger is
But still yet know my face is vaguely familiar,
Thinking back wouldn't kill you would it?
Or would it?
I can't catch no one's attention
Even Ignored by the lord
my mind sided dimensions

It's just a flashback kid, it's just a flashback
I'm getting laughed at mental attack; mental attack…

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