Dark Fool Lyrics

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Why do you play with fire and run towards disaster
Your head is filled with drugs rid of all realizations
It slows time to a dimension you're flying through your brainspace
You've created a land of milk and honey where everything seems to be funny
You forget drugs' danger your life lost every kind of value
You fall into a hole but no one is there to help you
You're a ****ing fool with drugs you are a tool
You're lying with your stinking breath sorry you are near to death
Endless Dreams of Sadness Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Endless Dreams...
  • 2 Nemesis of Neglect
  • 3 Dawn of the Gods
  • 4 When the Love Is Gone
  • 5 Gaia's Masterpiece
  • 6 Fool
  • 7 A Taste of Fear
  • 8 In Darkness
  • 9 Brainsickness
  • 10 Dagobar
  • 11 Embedded in Illusions
  • 12 Visions
  • 13 ... of Sadness

  • Written by: Danny Joe Mitchell

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