Walkers Forever Together Lyrics

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Musik: Torben Lendager - Tekst: Poul Dehnhardt/Eyers

You and me forever, you and me together
together forever forever together
you and me forever together together forever
Only you just you alone can make my life so happy baby
when I sleep, I dream of you the whole night through
If only we´ve been older
there would been no lid for fear
but for now I wanna spend the night with you

So oh forever
together is to night forever
together is the works till eternity
close your eyes it might come true
So oh forever
together is tonight forever
let's to change thoughts so deep into night
oh darling you're my love
"together forever just you and me"

I don't wanna say goodbye
it always breaks my heart in two
it's my heart, the hardest
thing I could do
And they tell us we're to young
to know if love for us is real
but tonight we're all alone, just you and I
"just you and I"
So oh forever........

I´ts so great to see when you smile at me
our love could never go wrong
Sunday´s maybe long, but our love is strong
we're gonna be so happy baby, gonna be so happy baby

So oh...forever

So oh..
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