Madchild Freak Lyrics

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I'm a battleaxe warrior man
They call me the General
(This ones for my Grandma)

Yo, yo, yo, yo
My inhabitants are savages
And angry little beasts
So at night we sit around the fire
And have a little feast
I can make you an immortal
Or chew you to the bone
It's up to you
It's simple
No one likes to be alone
Things related simple as a simulated combat
My incubator cracked
I came out an evil wombat
Scratch that
I'm an abstract lab rat
That drinks anthrax
Keeps a hatchet in his backpack
In his hatchback
Killing every Nazi with an arm band
Bad guys think that I have gone bad
These little youngsters are felonious
I spit petroleum, shit bricks and piss Plutonium
Daddy was the guru of some hippies in a commune
Bust a nut and Mommy made a monster in a monsoon
Carnivorous cripple from the way that I deliver raps
Drink the blood of humans
And dine on yucky river rats

People think I'm crazy
Yeah, but that's okay
All I do is sit here writing raps all day
Calling me reclusive
Yeah, but I don't mind
If I don't practice daily
Than my rhymes don't shine
Haven't had a shower in a week
I'm a dirty little freak
All I care about is verses that I speak
And I ain't left the house in 7 days
More than just a phase
My personalities have gone their separate ways

Yo, I'm intense with it
And insensitive
These boys don't like it
But real men get it
I'm absolutely schizo
Grab any utensil
Stab 'em in the abdomen
Quite gladly with a pencil
Immaculately accurate
Attracting all the nympho's
Me not breathing fire is like a dragon with his lips sewn
Spectacular vernacular
Attackin' ya
I'm Dracula
Ejaculating on your accolades and I evacuate
I'm masculine and venomous
You're naturally feminine
But I won't call you bitch
Because I'm actually a gentleman
Time to free the monster
Arisen from beneath
Devour all you mortals
I am more than just a beast
At maximum velocity
I'm possibly the best
But for now I'll have to settle for as awesome as the rest
But now I play it close
Like a possum to the chest
But soon they'll feed me grapes and sprinkle blossoms
I'm THE best!


I'm spittin' fire
Like I'm a fucking pyromaniac
I wrestle with these words
Like I was stuck in Hulkamania
Fucking with the maniac
I'm from Transylvania
Make your head spin
Like the devil that's Tasmanian
I'll chop your head like an Arabian
Maybe an Iranian
I'm crazy and my blades made of titanium
I'm proud to be Canadian
I said I'm proud to be Canadian
I'll scream it in a club or even louder in a stadium!
People think my life it is entirely fantastic
Fire breathing, iron eating, lying little bastard
Theres no defying little giant, I'm a master
Defying me is tyranny and irony is massive
And you don't want this to be a real vendetta
Pull up in a sweater on a teal Lambretta
Shoot you in the face with a steel Baretta
Than visit at the hospital and say "Feel Better!"


Yeah, that's what I'm talking about
Man it feels good to be back
I'm not gonna lie to you
Probably been the best I've felt in a long time
Looooong time
The little monster is back man
I should say, the misguided angel is back
The little monster has arrived
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