Madchild Freedom Lyrics

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[Verse 1]

Man, I feel like the walls are closing in
I'm in the club
With my bros same hoes again
Same shit different pile
Find it difficult to smile
Its been with me for a while
The same negative energy
Same friends pretend to be my friends when their my enemies
Plus lately I don't like the vibe my girl is sending me
Its eatin me up alive
Its beatin me up inside
Its keepin me up at night
In the future you might see me acting different
Searching for something that's spiritually uplifting
Cause I don't want my mom to be ashamed of her last name
I'm lost and I'm on the wrong path in the fast lane
On the road to going nowhere fast
Plus I'm going slow so I'm going there last
And its a dead end I'm headed for a brick wall
I'm tellin you I'm tired, man I'm sick of all this shit yall


[Verse 2]

Slow down
To the point i'm chillin man
I've done things in the past that lately got me feeling bad
So am I going to heaven just because pray to god and
My favorite number seven
Can't say I feel too good about the day i get judged
Although I know that he's forgiving and he doesn't hold a grudge
But when I see my life flash before my eyes
That's probably the day ill be finally able to cry
Its time for me to self reflect
Man i'm talking about some self respect
I got to remind myself cause I forget
Cause I have such a great time with alcohol and sex
It revolves around pow'
Three girls in the show'
Spending money like wow
Want it all right now
Slow down man, how
I'm a have to learn
Otherwise I'm gonna crash and burn
Man I'm talkin 'bout


[Verse 3]

My girl finally upped and left
I guess she had enough of the tough guy act
This time I'm not gonna hold my breath
I'll keep it open but its such a rough ride back
I have to let it go man
And swallow my pride
Even though I feel so hollow inside
Cause as mad gets older
My heart gets colder
Misguided angel
Devil on my shoulder
Afraid of being normal
Dressing semi formal
She wants to conform you
Don't say I didn't warn you
But she's my sunshine
My comfort
My whole heart
She called it off
Now she's gone
This is so hard
I thought I wanted to be free
But I'm the guy that just got dumped
I don't want it to be me
But even though it hurts
I'm tryin not to hate
Cause as soon as she took me back
I've been tryin to find an escape for


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