sHEAVY Freedom Lyrics

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Evening comes stars alight
Freedom waits your tired mind
Days unfold, one by one
Shadows hide the weary sun
Lonely eyes, distant days
Even now your heart it stays
Bluest skies,darkest days
Beyond the wall light will break
Oh time is ending, still you'll find
Tomorrow the wounds will keep you blind
And now the end it comes so slow
You'll wonder why it never know
When the faded lights have gone
Will you dream tomorrows song?
Deny the fears, that's always been
How long the light, that keeps you here?

Moons in Penumbra Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Penumbra
  • 2 Shadows
  • 3 Visions
  • 4 Totality
  • 5 Eclipse
  • 6 Warning
  • 7 Memories
  • 8 Freedom
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