Galderia From gaïa to galderia Lyrics

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Waiting for another day
Waiting for the light
Here united once again
In our sould and in our hearts

Far beyond the silver skies
The road to paradise
Here we face the evil ones
With the truth insede our hearts

To see the world behind the lies. A dream come true
To find the love inside our souls for me and you
We'll rise again, one day, my friend, if you believe
'Cause they can take our lives
But in the end we are free!

The final day will light the sky
The final day to come
And we'll return one with the stars
With the glory on our own

Happiness and love remain
In our very souls
Catch the spirit in yourself
And you'll be free from the load

Light the shadows
Light the evil with the truth inside your soul
Light the evil with the love inside your soul

Arise from the shadows the everlasting light
A dream within to light the sky
Now hear the echoes. A universal cry
From the shadows it will arise!

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