Madchild feat. Phil the Agony Fuck Madchild Lyrics

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Rappers talk like felons but they're all fake villains
Madchild 'bout to erupt like Mount St Helens
I don't give a **** if I hurt your feelings
Get your helmet cracked, I'm a silverback gorilla
Yeah! This is quantum physics
"Little Monster" will stomp on you daunted midgets
I've lived a life full of wrong decisions
I got condoms for conjugal visits
with blonde haired midgets, monsters, mongrels and wizards
This is on-going, I'm throwing bombs in a blizzard
This is calculated long division
I got a strong condition, my funds are insufficient
It was a really ****in' long intermission
Now I'm goin' all out, and I ain't askin for permission
While I gather up my arsenal, you couldn't wrap a parcel
You're a harsh farce marshmallow with a *******
I don't wear bar clothes, I'm not gettin' a bar code
tatted on my arm bro, you couldn't hit a barn door
My aim's perfect, it ain't worth it
Perfectly wired circuitry, hurt you like I'm Hercules
Then paint my face 'cause inside I'm a dark circus freak
Lurkin' through the forest with a black axe handle
Wax candles, droppin' acid drinkin Jack Daniels
A masked vandal, I'm a victim of a bad scandal
The Mad's Rambo, commando in a black Lambo'
Used to gamble back when my head was scrambled
Now I'm Foghorn Leghorn eatin a hambone
Playin in a jamboree with a tambourine eatin' a tangerine
A backpack with a change of clothes and couple cans of beans
Wait I sounded like Yelawolf there, I wonder if he'd care
He seems like a pretty good guy, he probably won't mind
So back to bein' Madchild, opposite of fragile
People think I ought to rat style, **** Madchild
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