Rich Boy feat. Mark Twain Gangsta (interlude) Lyrics

Rich Boy Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Madness
  • 2 Role Models
  • 3 Boy Looka Here
  • 4 Throw Some D’s
  • 5 What It Do
  • 6 Good Things
  • 7 Hustla Balla Gangsta Mack
  • 8 Touch That Ass
  • 9 On the Regular
  • 10 Gangsta (interlude)
  • 11 Get to Poppin
  • 12 And I Love You
  • 13 Lost Girls
  • 14 Ghetto Rich
  • 15 Let’s Get This Paper / Balla Life
  • 16 Throw Some D’s (remix)
  • La la la,
    La la la,
    La la la,

    La la la,
    La la la,
    La la la

    [Verse 1]

    [Mark Twain]
    Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
    Off in da gutter
    Got da hood hollerin corner cutta
    With Zone 4
    Them young money gettin muthafukers
    Ah Rich Boy
    Gone and pass me da click toy
    He spit boy
    And i'm gonna have to make em trip boy
    Sick and tired
    Of niggas hollerin cut throat
    When they aint
    Never had to get away from po-po
    Aint never have
    To pay they bills from choppin up coke
    Aint never ever
    Seen the barrel of a chopper smoke

    [Rich Boy]
    Ah let them niggas out there kno yo name folk
    Who me
    I'm Mark Twain switch lanes
    Flip change
    And always keep a extra clip man
    Blow da brains
    On damn near everything i roll man
    Been on my game
    Every since them crocked folks came
    Keep my hustle
    On da low and a bitch in her place
    And if u yappin
    Out yo mouth then say it to my face
    Full clip for
    Niggas snitchin when they catch a case

    [Rich Boy]
    Boy open up yo
    Mouth and tell me hoe this barrel taste

    See da streets they be callin
    See a young nigga ballin
    A young playa in the rap game
    Ridin round in a Lac man

    [Verse 2]

    [Rich Boy]
    Them niggas aint
    Like it when i went and brought a blue mink
    So now they
    Talkin to da police at da precinct
    But they ass
    Dont kno them laws on a payroll
    Might see me
    In a ride that aint even a day old
    Talkin real
    Loud but you aint sayin nuthin
    So stop frontin
    Cause them hoes for you aint fuckin
    Keep truckin
    Look here boy dont u stop here
    It aint magic
    But that glock will make you disappear
    You like a
    Kid still writin love letters
    You say you
    Better but i'm still makin more cheddar
    I'm too
    Clever for these hoes to play me
    Even crazy
    Lazy ass hoes gonna pay me
    I really
    Hate when niggas talk too much
    Jus cause you
    Got a strap dont mean u cant get touched
    You'll find me
    In a 2 seater wit a all white beata
    Gettin head
    From yo bitch but yo dumbass see her
    They say
    R-I-C-H-B-O and Y
    Bitch till i die
    Sometimes I
    Even have to ask myself why
    Them niggas
    So god damn fresh and so fly

    [Chorus x1]

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