Galderia Gate Of Mind Lyrics

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You"re never gonna fly!
You"ll never see the light
All the dreams that you have,
Illusions of your mind!
Now the world all around
Controls your life!
So many crazy lies!
The madmen now arise!
Spread their words around,
All around of your mind!
It's time to open your eyes!!
Fight for freedom!!! Until you die!
There is a light! Another way of life!
In your mind!
You can see the truth
If you open the gate of your mind!
You"re gazing at the stars!
A dream live in your arms!
You wanna see the sun
Rising again!!
Unite!! We have the power
To change our lives!
Tomorrow will arise
With tears, fears and cries!
The light is in our heart
Not in the world all around!
Unite!! We can break all lies!!
Royaume de l'Universalité Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Aeons
  • 2 Raising Hell
  • 3 Dance Of Life
  • 4 Gate Of Mind
  • 5 Chaos Killer
  • 6 Out Of Control
  • 7 Universality
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