UnderThreat Gates of Deception Lyrics

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Where can you draw the limit for deception?
when is the final frustration?
How can I find the source of control?
Does my pain increases your strenght?
I am looking for the way out
to stop the screaming of the soul
to understand the reasons to be
to decifer the strange riddle of interaction
I am at the gates of deception
Your false concern
misleads my sacrifice
impurity inundates
usurping my genuine intention
fragments of my innocence
Stunt of a dream
Leaving just the ruin of a paradise for rent

Like a laughing joker
conditions appear to me
to show my own desolation
to demonstrate the misery of existence
saddly dressed like ilussory hope.
Behind Mankinds Disguise Track Listing
CD 1
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  • 2 Face of Emptiness
  • 3 Under Threat
  • 4 Serpent's Lick
  • 5 Ghost and the Machine
  • 6 Desperate Human's Path
  • 7 Behind Mankind's Disguise
  • 8 End of Grace
  • 9 Infestation
  • 10 Gates of Deception
  • 11 Warning
  • 12 Mirrors of Dejection
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