J-88 Get It Together Lyrics

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(Get it together)
What's it gon be, definitely, don't fuck with the d, let's get (get it together)
What you gon do? Yeah we comin' thru, be funky for you, let's get (together)
Yeah we gettin' ill, just tell me how you feel, keepin' it real, let's get (together)

[Verse 1: J Dilla]
Get yourself together baby, before it's too late for ya
Yeah i'm seein' you in the mess that you made, gotta
Hit the bottom to come thru like true bass in the
You said you can never be too paid, so what
You let niggas put you on like [?], and what
You start tastin' [?] koolaid
But feel ya, like you waitin' two steaks but uh
Deep inside you hurtin' like a toothache you know
You're too fake, you straight yeah that's what you say, baby
Anyway hey, get that shit (together)


[Verse 2: T3]
Start your funeral boy, write you obituo-
You shouldn't let you know who back in the studio
The flow that'll chew your whole ass like a tootsie roll
No laugh no jokes
And my loot is still usual for those who provoke
Get mush like a two-year old
Pushed in a corner 'cause you under control
Can't hold the fast-paced 'cause your [?]
'Sho nuff slow poke wichya face exposed
Put yo ass in the sling and do what you suppos-
And oh, here's a couple words I think you should


[Verse 3: Baatin]
Together for what?
The s is makin' them [?]
Runnin my mouth, sometimes i wonder for what
It just goes to show how many clits you blow for what
Just to get a number?
That's why my crew will never ever sit back and have to wonder, about another paycheck
My lyrics are definitely considered to be a threat
Like steppin to the s would some shit you regret


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