Rich Boy Get to Poppin Lyrics

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Here I come

When *****s get to poppin
Get get down, get get g-get get down (down)
Get down, g-g-g-g-get down
When *****s get to poppin

Money, cars, stars, they be ballin'
Playas, pimps, dem hoes, dey be callin'
Microphone check (check), one (one), two (two), four (four)
Who? Da fourth is you
I shut da whole block down like **********in' P.D.
*****s wanna be me, dey friends come and see me
Crack, rock, da block is hot
Dem *****s hate'n on me for da hoes dat I got
But I ain't even trippin' off a trick as bit
Cause y'all ************s ain't hittin' off ****
Broke *** *****, joke *** *****
Mess around and be a little smoke *** *****
Rich Boy chillin'
Polo chillin'
What mo' can I say, we bout millions
That's what we get, we got it good
And you know we in yo hood


Dem boys stillin', dem boys dealin'
Up in da hood, dem boys killin'
I'm cold, put ya sweaters on like lil' Charlie Brown
I got enough rounds to lay da whole place down
35-thousand dollar watch, 100-thousand dollar drop
3-million dollar spot
One, two, it don't stop, *****
Getcha money hustle up
Bubble 10 double up
You a **********in' squirrel tryna get a nut (nut)
From top to bottom, dem hoes, I got em
Don't ask me how, don't know who shot em
You snitch *** *****, ***** *** *****
Mess around, getcha self killed little *****


Rich boy chillin'
Polo chillin'
What more can I say, we bout millions
Dats what we get, we got it good
And you know we in yo hood


When *****s get to poppin'
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  • Written by: Nat Robinson, Kirk S Robinson, Abeeku Ribeiro, Marece Benjamin Richards, Brian Kidd, Roy C. Hammond
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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