The Sick Lipstick Get Up! Catch Up! Lyrics

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Get up!
Sit down!
Catch up!
And save the Animals

I am... Paranoia
I've got... My fake I. D
I am... Paranoia..
I've lost.. All of my I. D

Good girl find the egg
Bad boy breaks the egg
Down the waterslide
I meet you in the dark

Someone's following me!
Someone's following me!
When sperm chases the egg
He caught up! Catch up!

It breaks me
It breaks the egg
Someone's following me
It chases me
It breaks me

Sting Sting Sting Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Go to Bed!
  • 2 Thigh-Master, I'm Yr Master
  • 3 Sting Sting Sting
  • 4 Pretend I'm Sleeping
  • 5 10-4, Can You Read Me?
  • 6 Mommy's at the Grocery Store
  • 7 Zombie Cookie
  • 8 Knit-Stitch/Crotch Itch
  • 9 Come Get Yr. Eggs
  • 10 Get Up! Catch Up!
  • 11 She's Got a Broken Femur
  • 12 Cats Are Dangerous
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