Wampire Giants Lyrics

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[intro] 0:00 - 0:43

[Verse 1] 0:43 - 1:15
I couldn't believe, the size of my mind
The size of my eyes, three times bigger than I'll ever be
If there's something you need, I need from you
Couldn't find my home, ain't got no shoes
I can give back, give back to you
Anythang you want, anything I can do

[Chorus] 1:17 - 1:37
Cos I give, to you, you give, to me
But I ne-ver seem, to get what, I need
But your touch, tis what, I'm reeking of
I wish, you see, what i keep on

[Verse 2] 1:40 - 2:12
I'm up in a tree, you dead in the wheats
There's a hole in my head, that you can't see
With a million prices, ex's in time
Everythag is secluded, in my mind
Your falling asleep, I'm watching you
Things are boiling up, nothing i can do

[Chorus] 2:13 - 3:34
Cos I give, to you, you give, to me
But I just, can't get, what I need
But your prints, tis what, i'm reeking of
I wish you could see, like giant people

[Verse 3] 2:58 - 3:21
Nothing I can do, tired of running through
All the days are waste, where am I the same
People are so strange, stranger than I knew
Something that you learn, I'll learn with you

[outro] 3:21 - 4:12

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