Tech N9ne feat. Big Krizz Kaliko Girl Crazy “Crazy Love” Lyrics

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[Intro: Krizz Kaliko]
To all the girls that I loved before
I only wanna love you more
I know it sound shady, lady

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko]
Girl crazy, I know nobody can save me
I'm spreadin' my crazy love
I'm dippin' out with your lady
To give her some crazy love
Ain't tryin' to have no more babies
So come for my crazy love
Enough to make her go crazy
Cause I'm all about crazy love

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
I was born Aaron Dontez Yates
Now this song's for Aaron Dontez' mates
If you ever been with me
Had some sex even kissed me
Spent some years with me
Or even a quickie trip thee
Way I handle the beast in me
The piece in me and equally
I chief to say the least
Women are weakin' in me
Since I was a little fella wanted me a female(a) Isabella
What the hell not one but it's more like twelve lemme tell ya
Hella, bitches love me ones and love me again
While you're lovin' me I'm lovin' your friend
Ya'll just lovin' the sin
And all that Tech time you're lovin the spin
But I ain't tryin' to be no husband again
Look at all this mud that I'm in
And all this dirt that I do
And this hurt put on you it's true
Worse that peppy le pue what I do
To my ladies I remember the
Message I sent to ya
I know you think I'm a friend to ya
But I'm tryin to put it up into ya


[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
A child of the ghetto, my uncle explained it to me
Kick it with bitches the picture that he painted for me
Now that I'm a G I'm 'bout to go in a depth
Got low when I crept
With a bitch, you niggas ain't know when I slept (with who?)
Sonya, Tonya, Vonya, big booty Sandra
Wonda, Londa, Rhonda, Monya, v-neck and Anya
Anxious to feel the pound between her, kiss the crown on my wiener
Once you lay down then you stuck with the killer clown, the N9na
Witness my sickness this itches for the bitches with the quickness
Kisses for misses this clique is suspicious then I hit this
But he really don't know I had the most ludicrous fling with his girl
I think the female is really the most beautifulist thing in this world
They take of their shirt, take off their bra
Then let you take off they skirt and panties, keep a nigga in awe
In-between 'em, such a freedom is lovin' monster sex
For them to let you inside 'em is a fucking compliment


[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
The homie say for true he sick
Cause he choose these chicks
On the road and let them sut min pik
They tellin' me I show my wife no fidelity and lost it literally
My way with women is costin' considerably
Bitter is he who loved and lost with the grudge and crossed the moss
In the land where the word lost is boss
So we quest for love and flings with the finest this life can bring to ya
True you two have a thing but it'll never ever be singular
Guess you can say it's the angel in me
That got these bitches havin' dreams of mangelin' me
I know it hurts it sucks for women, but they let me thrust' within 'em
Why do they lay with a snake? They can't stop they lust for venom
But you will not forgive me baby, you gots to admit we crazy
Because you bring me ya light and I'm just so dips and hazy
My heart is massive but they want my dick
Bitch, you ain't never felt no shit like this, so gimme a kiss


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