Laura Bell Bundy Give My Broken Heart a Break Lyrics

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The trouble with me is you
And you calling me up at two
And me letting you in, and letting you in
But the trouble with that tonight
I've heard it one too many times
You said you're missin' me bad
And you're wantin' me bad... please

Give give give my broken heart a break
And you can lie lie, lie and wide awake
You can cry, you can take my place
And give my broken heart a break

(Verse 2)
The trouble with wearin' my shoes
Is that they're all worn out and used
They don't answer the door cause they don't care anymore
And the trouble is your trouble now
You put 'em on, yeah, you try 'em out
You say there's tears in your eyes
And I don't know what it's like, huh, please


I know, I know, yeah, we sure have something
I know, I know that you miss my lovin'
But you know, you know that it's all or nothin'


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