The Riptides Go Away Lyrics

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You're a stupid fuckin asshole go away
you're a piece of shit promoter go away
Just another emo band, with a stupid fuckin plan
You're a snot-knosed fuckin maggot go away

You're a grimy little vegan go away
Take your straight-edge and your hardcore go away
Just another benefit that we think is full of shit
You're a stupid fuckin maggot go away

How many times I see you smile at me
Then turn around N' fuckin shit-talk me
I got two words I gotta say to you:

Appetite For Rejection Track Listing
CD-R 1
  • 1 Appetite for Rejection
  • 2 Dawn of the Dead
  • 3 Dragstrip Girl
  • 4 Mall Punks Fuck Off
  • 5 Go Away
  • 6 Punk Girl, Punk Boy
  • 7 Reefer Madness
  • 8 Tammy's a Delinquent
  • 9 Degenerate Girl
  • 10 Riot in Juvenile Prison
  • 11 Camp Crystal Lake
  • 12 I Wanna Be a Cop
  • 13 American Girl
  • 14 Emo Motherfucker
  • 15 Zombie Night
  • 16 So Long and Thanks for the Beer
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