Anthony David God Said Lyrics

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Shake ? my imaginary friend
See the trouble he gets in
Can't he be trace back to me
He can't pretend at the slightest of his ?
He has the power to suspend our rules or morality
And when we get angry he can make the lion ?
He can help me in the fight with his power
Yes we speaks through me and he is always positive
'Cause I can just ask for forgiveness and it's over


So you can put the blame on me I am doing what God said
What God said
What God said
Don't you put the blame on me I am doing what god said
What god said
What God said

In the name of the one who made us all
I will hide behind these walls of my enemy
By the power showed from up above
I will conquer you cause it is my destiny
And with the .. hand
I will bring you to your knees
I will strip you of your freedom without mercy
And when the earthquakes and ? for the unworthy

As Above So Below Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 As Above So Below
  • 2 Let Me In
  • 3 Forever More
  • 4 Reach Ya
  • 5 God Said
  • 6 Rule the World
  • 7 Girlfriend
  • 8 Keep You Around
  • 9 Get Around
  • 10 Body Language
  • 11 Outro
  • 12 Backstreet

  • Written by: Anthony David Harrington, Drew Ramsey, Shannon Sanders

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