Abortus God Vision Lyrics

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Must be a dull existance
Change channels your condition
To fill the empty mind T.V. is your lifeline

Take in what you see
Believe all that you read
The afternoon edition
Enhancing your condition

Couch life's a philosophy
Thrive on the tears of Winfrey
A plague that eats the mind
All real now left behind

Please Ricki dance for me
Arms raised in ecstacy
A conversation piece
The joy's showing from release

God vision, feel god
God vision, need god
God vision, clap god
God vision, fuck god

These icons live upon your shelf
Your loosing grip they're gaining wealth
Just sit and stare no need to care
Your life now through I'll think for you

Just leave it up to me fulfilling all your dreams
I'm the master of the screen I'm all you'll ever need

[Repeat Chorus]

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